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Salted Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake

Salted caramel chocolate mousse and a genoise sponge pair with mascarpone cream to make this delicious dessert! Find the recipe here:

Three Colored Chocolate Mousse

Three Colored Chocolate Mousse – easy to make and impressive for the holidays! Find the recipe here:

Mini Chocolate Trifle

Mini Chocolate Trifle with dark chocolate mascarpone mousse, enriched with rum and hazelnuts! Find the recipe here:

Coffee Mousse

For those who love chocolate and coffee – Coffee Mousse over Chocolate Cake, topped with whipped cream, and more chocolate! Find the …

Banana Chocolate Mousse

This egg-free chocolate mousse is made with some leftover overly ripe mashed bananas and layered with chocolate ganache cream! Find the recipe …